Aug 242014
Best Ever PALEO Chocolate Chip Cookies...Deceptively Nutritious!

You know when you found THE ONE, you can’t get enough!  There is no more searching, no more recipes to try.  And guess what!? I found THE ONE, thanks to the PRIMAL PALATE and NOM NOM PALEO!  There are so many chocolate chip cookie recipes out there, so many Paleo and grain free cookies, but with [...]

Aug 132014
Grain-Free Healthy Green Pancakes... For the Whole Family!

Just today I was having a conversation with a friend about teaching our children the importance of real food, eating vegetables and whole foods and whether or not we should be hiding vegetables in food?  That is the question. Why is it that so many of us have trouble getting our toddlers or kids to [...]

Aug 122014
Clean Eating Oven Roasted Rosemary Free-Range Chicken

Life just seems to be getting busier and busier the older my twins get!  They have so much energy that I can barely keep up with them!  With all that running around we do together, I need quick and easy meals for the week.  One of my favorite ways  to make meal planning easier, is [...]

Jul 262014
Is the Microwave REALLY Damaging Our Health?

This past year, I did something I never thought I would do… I KICKED my microwave to the curb!  It was definitely something I had in the back of my mind for a long time.  Having a microwave was such a convenience for me, especially when I would have two babies screaming at me for [...]

Jul 152014
Paleo Coconut Whipped Cream

No cool whip or whip topping is allowed in this house!  I used to go for low calories… that was until I began reading the ingredients!  Paleo Coconut Whipped Cream is definitely a delicious and healthy alternative! Check this out… So yes, I used to just LOVE that Cool Whip only had 20 or so [...]

Jul 152014
Paleo Peach Cobbler

Summer lovin… Nothing says summer like fresh fruit dripping with goodness!  I just love it!  I grew up on a half-acre with a backyard full of fresh summer fruits and vegetables!  My dad definitely has a green thumb and I’m sure that is where I get some of my passion for fresh wholesome organic cooking! [...]

Jul 102014
Your TOP Health and Clean Eating Questions Answered!

This past year has been one of the hardest years I have had in a very long time.  I have struggled physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  However, during this time, I clung, with everything that I had, to the one I know will never let me down, Jesus.  This past year has been a year of [...]

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